Who Are You?

by Sadie on June 4, 2012


What we prefer and how we make decisions has a lot to do with who we are.  Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist/anthropologist wrote Psychological Types in 1921 pioneering this theory that we are who we are because of the preferences we are born into.   His insights to understanding human behavior by recognizing and bringing awareness to preferences,  and by placing them into dimensions of perception (how people know things) and judgment (how people make decisions) and ultimately whether they do or be (how people get and expend energy) provide a plethora of information into our personality type.

Two American women, a mother and daughter, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers both students of Carl Jung who studied and researched his work for over twenty years sought to discover a way in which these preferences could be identified and utilized.  They expanded Carl Jung’s theoretical work into a practical assessment tool to help people identify these preferences.  Known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (more commonly referred to as MBTI) it is a practical inventory method for assessing preferences.  Since it was first published in 1962 this instrument has been translated into 30 languages and over five million people a year take advantage of this tool to help them select or further careers, become better leaders, make life changes,  or simply to understand themselves.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a world renowned assessment tool to identify your specific preferences for self-awareness and growth.  Only certified practitioners can administer the MBTI and give results.  As a certified MBTI consultant since 2006 I am authorized by the Center for Application of Psychological Type to provide this assessment and give timely results.  For more information on the MBTI go to www.capt.org/mbti-assessment/mbti-overview.

Order your MBTI questionnaire NOW by clicking here,_____________, or send me an email to Sadie@heartsconnectingcoaching.com or contact me at 310 325-3757.  You’ll be surprised how quickly I get back to you.

The nominal fee is $150.00 that includes a one hour review session.  Or if you just want the results with supporting documents its $100.   You will get in one hour what might take ten years to learn by experience!  I promise you!!

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