“The Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion” Isaiah 30:18

If you need or want a Christian coach to help you transition and change because life’s circumstances have created a reality that is challenging, uncomfortable, or unpredictable and you are fearful, unhappy, or disenchanted then I can help.

Hearts Connecting Coaching is a heart to heart connection between client and coach that is  motivated by LOVE, SERVICE and COMPASSION.  I help clients MANIFEST DREAMS THAT COME TRUE.  Clients create miracles in their lives and in the lives of those they love.  Please see the testimonials on this site to hear how Hearts Connecting Coaching has served them.

My name is Sadie Williams and I am a Co-Active Professional Certified Coach (CPCC) since 2009 certified by the Coaching Training Institute in San Rafael, California.  I am a Christian coach that is led by the spirit to use the talent of hearing, listening and reflecting and tools especially scriptures to ground clients in discovery that they are blessed by God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  By cultivating patience, perseverance and prayer you will stop feeling fearful and out of control and instead will find peace, passion, and purpose in your life.

My coaching mission is to be the whisper of God that inspires souls to love him, themselves and each other.  Quite simply to serve in a mission that brings us all closer together to be one humanity that enlightens, engages, and empowers the light of Christ in the universe is the passion in my life.

My coaching vision is to serve clients in the most authentic and transparent way by being present, listening with non-judgment, gently hold emotions and reflect what is being said without giving advice or opinion.  I hold each client completely “resourceful, creative and whole” and believe that God gives us each a gift to overcome any obstacle or problem that we encounter. You will learn what your gift is and how to create a personal and powerful relationship with God through the guiding of the Spirit within you.

I help clients navigate the uncharted waters of personal crisis, mid-life transitions, careers in flux, relationships in trouble, and families who need help.  Whether you are in midst of a crisis, are unhappy and dissatisfied with your life or just need to see a different perspective coaching with me will give you more energy, help to see a new path, find truth in your reality,  and be able to stand in purpose with passion and delight. You will know God and manifest your dream.

“Enter his gate with Thanksgiving” Psalm 100.4