Financial Intentions

by Sadie on June 26, 2012

What are yours? This is an important question. This year it is in particular because the country is still in a financial crisis. I want to offer a perspective on finances that is grounded in your day to day reality. This perspective is on financial behaviors, those to watch out for and those to use to fulfill a financial goal. Learning to overcome beliefs and behaviors that limit our ability to achieve a level of financial security is a critical step in fulfilling financial intentions. Otherwise, these beliefs transform into behaviors that keep you small and indebted to credit cards, lines of credit, loans from family or friends, and living from paycheck to paycheck. It also affects your self-image and esteem. As long as you remain in debt to others, you will not have financial freedom.

I was contracted as a finance coach this past year by EARN ( a San Francisco based non-profit organization that works with qualified individuals to set and achieve financial goals. EARN works with its clients to overcome limiting beliefs as an important step to achieving financial goals.

Review these financial behaviors, reflect on where you are, and then try setting a financial goal by focusing on behaviors that empower you to succeed. Use the Transformation matrix whenever you feel stuck in ‘money matters’ situation.

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